Pfizer - Work Experience Programme

Providing good work experience can be really valuable, but it can be difficult to achieve both maximum benefit for young people and minimum disruption to the workplace.

Running week-long project-based assignments is a really efficient way of providing work experience, says Christine Jenkins, MD of CCWorks.  “That way, work experience achieves its goal without disrupting the workplace”.

CCWorks ran an award-winning work experience programme for Pfizer.   In one the projects, the work experience students were put into teams of four to design an ‘office of the future’, working with different key staff at Pfizer.  The Kent students were able to hone different skills such as project management, team working and creative thinking.  Each lunchtime the students had the opportunity to ask Pfizer volunteers about the world of work.  The week concluded with a presentation of their project to a panel of teachers and Pfizer staff.   

CCWorks project-managed the whole week. This included devising, supervising and evaluating the project as well as recruiting Pfizer volunteers. 

Feedback from all involved was excellent, which led to Pfizer winning The Community Award from the Institute of Civil Engineers.  Pfizer staff were very pleased with the programme as they were able to provide a valuable experience for the students without being unduly diverted from their work.  And the students gained real work skills, rather than being parked at a desk for a week of photocopying! 

"CCWorks has been supporting our award-winning community investment programme as an outsourced supplier for the past five years...Their all-round knowledge of Community Investment and attention to detail are excellent and we are delighted with their service"
Kevin Charles, Public Affairs Manager
, Pfizer UK
"Tesco Charity Trust is working with CCWorks to manage our Community Awards Programme. We are delighted with their service levels and quality of work"
Ruth Girardet, Corporate Responsibility Director
, Tesco