Sainsbury's Food Donation Partnership Programme

CCWorks is working with Sainsbury's to develop their Food Donation Partnership Programme nationwide.
CCWorks is supporting Sainsbury's Food Donation Programme by matching stores across the UK with local charity partners with the aim to reduce food waste in store. 
CCWorks sources suitable charity partners and invites them to apply to become a Food Donation Partner with their local Sainsbury's and stores also have an option of nominating a potential charity partner. CCWorks administers the partnership process from sourcing through to signing agreement forms. 
Since CCWorks began promoting the Food Donation Partership Programme for Sainsbury's in July 2015, the amount of charities partnered 'Back-of-store' to receive regular fresh food donations from Sainsbury's has risen by 287%.
The programme has been running successfully in a number of stores and Sainsbury’s wished to expand the programme to include as many stores as possible over a gradual time frame.
In addition to fresh food donations some stores run long-life customer food collections where our customers are encouraged to purchase an extra item in their shopping to be donated to charity.
"CCWorks has been supporting our award-winning community investment programme as an outsourced supplier for the past five years...Their all-round knowledge of Community Investment and attention to detail are excellent and we are delighted with their service"
Kevin Charles, Public Affairs Manager
, Pfizer UK
"I would definitely recommend CCWorks. I am delighted with the service and their extensive experience of running volunteering programmes "
Sheralee Morris, Community Relations Senior Manager
, Santander