Community ODM

The Software Package for effective community investment programmes  Community ODM is a robust data management system configured to help you effectively manage any element of your community investment programme, including Employee Volunteering, Payroll Giving and Matched Funding.

Community ODM enables your employees to manage their charitable activity online whilst allowing you to track, analyse and report efficiently on all your key community investment indicators.

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"I would recommend Community ODM to other companies as it is a great way of engaging colleagues in community activity. It is simple to use, easy to access from any location, and provides a hub of information on all our community activity "
Kevin Charles, Public Affairs Manager
, Pfizer UK
"It’s useful to have all the necessary information on one site. It is quick and easy for Santander staff to search for projects, with drop-down menus for further details. It is simple for the Santander administrator to track how many people have reserved and completed the volunteering projects. You can also upload photos of the completed projects, and the feedback forms allow Santander to report on the activities that have been completed "
Sheralee Morris, Community Relations Senior Manager
, Santander